Faces of South Asia – Interview

I want to thank Eshita and Soph, the hosts of Faces of South Asia on Quincy Massachusetts Cable Access for having me as a guest on the show. It was a great experience to speak about turning adversity into triumph, and making a difference by educating the viewers on disability awareness and how Visual Vitality Consulting, Inc. was created and how we can help businesses. It was a fun morning,

June Scott,
President & CEO
Visual Vitality, Inc.

Someone, Anyone – About the Song

Joel Hiller – Composer & Lyrics
Joel Hiller has been involved in virtually facet of the music business for the past thirty years. As well as being an accomplished pianist, vocalist and arranger, he has also worked in the advertising business for over twenty years, writing and producing hundreds of radio and television spots throughout the country. Residing in Milton, Mass. he performs for for a wide variety of music venues and businesses in addition to directing the music and contributing original songs for children’s performances at the First Parish Church in Milton and children’s theater as well as regional artists.

Isabella Scott – Vocals
Isabella Scott has been singing since the age of 3 in children’s and youth choirs in addition to performing at a local coffee house and local cable television. She currently sings with the Perkins School for the Blind Secondary Chorus and the Chamber Singers and plays piano. She is legally blind and has Stargardt’s Disease (juvenile macular degeneration) for which there is no cure. She is also a great artist and loves to act having performed in several plays. She believes that music is the universal language and has no barriers as it can be seen, felt and heard and speaks to all of us. She resides in Canton, Mass.