Who We Are

Visual Vitality Consulting is a values based disability service company, owned and operated by licensed registered nurse professionals specializing in visual impairment as well as other disabilities. Founded in March 2014, the company is located in Canton, MA. Visual Vitality Consulting provides consultations, site assessments and workshops through innovative and cost effective means. We collaborate and partner to raise vision impairment social awareness of IDEA and ADA compliance to meet the needs of visually impaired and other disabled people compelled to navigate city services, businesses, and organizations.

Photo of June Scott

June Scott, RN BA, ADAC

June Scott is President / CEO and Co-Owner. She started Visual Vitality in 2014. She has consulted and worked with health care leaders to raise awareness on visual impairments and disabilities and have delivered trainings to many different audiences.

June is a seasoned career nurse with sixteen years of experience with extensive knowledge of visual impairment as she is the mother of a visually impaired child. Her experience includes working with the mentally ill and addictive populations in addition to medical and cardiac populations alike. She is an active board member of a local non profit music program called Music Counts that promotes music programs and give scholarships to school age students k-12. She has also worked to bring disabled and abled youth together in joint music session as music as a common language promoting disability awareness with the youth. She also holds an active position as alumnae board member for Stoneleigh-Burnham School working with admissions department and promoting leadership skills for high school age girls. Ms. Scott also volunteers for several non profit organizations as well. Her insight and innovative suggestions have been incorporated into educational materials for patients. She continues to advise on code compliance, learning materials and other areas.

Ms. Scott holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simmons College in Hospital Administration. In addition, she earned her Associate Degree in Nursing from Laboure College and a Graduate Certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counseling from Boston College School of Social Work. She is an avid supporter of social awareness and disability rights.


Photo of Kelli Thomas

Kelli Thomas, BSN, CARN

Kelli Thomas, BSN, CARN, is Vice-President/COO and Co-Owner. She joined Visual Vitality Consulting in 2019.

She is an experienced career nurse who entered the field of nursing in 2014 as a obstetrics and neonatal nurse. Recognizing the diverse settings in which nurses encounter substance use and addictive behaviors, particularly in her own practice area, in 2016 she sought speciality certification in addictions nursing. She has presented on substance use and the challenges present among obstetrics patients and newborns and the associated ethical issues faced by healthcare providers. She has also been able to educate and assist colleagues when caring for this vulnerable population.

Kelli has experience with entrepreneurial businesses and understands how disability diversity and inclusion can lead to better business practices. She hopes to educate and assist you both in compliance and adaptation methods to better serve people with disabilities, whether you are an employer, or a businesses serving the public, or both.

Ms.Thomas holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Paralegal Studies from Suffolk University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from MGH Institute for Health Professions. She is the mother of three boys. During their elementary education, two sons required some form of educational accommodations.


Photo of Marianne Cummings

Marianne Cummings, RN, MSN

Marianne Cummings is Executive Director of Education and Training . She started with Visual Vitality Consulting Inc. in 2018.

Marianne is a accomplished and innovative nurse director with over thirty five years of demonstrated success in critical care leadership. She is recognized for building integrated, high performance professional teams and achieving organizational, regulatory, financial and operational goals. She collaborates with interdisciplinary teams and to integrate evidenced strategies to optimize quality and safety outcomes for each patient. She is passionate about partnering with patients and their families . Marianne co- developed a Parent Advisory Council to provide on-going support and to incorporate the voice of each family in real time throughout their critical care experience.

Marianne earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northeastern University as well as a Masters of Nursing from Boston College. She has experience in clinical ethics as well as bio-ethics and has a certification from E- Cornell in Human Resource Management. She is passionate about developing, educating and mentoring new health care talent as well as helping businesses promote disability as a part of their diversity implementations.


Photo of Farrah Sing Peters

Farrah Sing Peters

Ms. Peters serves as the Treasurer and Executive Manager of Visual Vitality Consulting Inc. She has worked with pediatric and geriatric populations managing operations and understands challenges at both ends of the age spectrum. Her accounting and organizational skills are a great benefit to Visual Vitality Consulting Inc.


Photo of Julie Baker

Julie Baker, BA

Julie Baker serves as the Social Media Manager for Visual Vitality Consulting Inc. Ms. Baker has developed and managed strategic marketing campaigns for public television programs as well as planned and produced industry events with senior executives.She has written and edited copy for a variety of business and consumer marketing communications. Ms. Baker has helped corporations create innovative marketing initiatives through various communications and materials while thoughtfully preserving the brand integrity.
Ms. Baker knows all too well about the challenges of accessibility in businesses as she has MS which has affected her optic nerve . Ms. Baker has a BA in Women’s Studies and Journalism from University Of Massachusetts Boston.