Bringing Your Business Into Focus

Our Mission

Visual Vitality is a values based disability consulting service company. Our mission is to address existing barriers to accessibility and to promote diversity and inclusion for disabled citizens in all settings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to collaborate with our clients and corporate partners to create accessible “open doors” for all able and challenged individuals.

Our Objectives

  • Provide expert advice to companies that service visually impaired and disabled consumers
  • Assess companies for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance
  • Engage businesses through innovative means and education to facilitate social awareness and accessibility for all

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For more information about how Visual Vitality can help get your business into focus, and comply with IDEA and ADA Compliance, please fill out the form below. Or simply call us at: 1-888-349-6177
Thank You.

Disclosure: Visual Vitality Consulting Inc is a social awareness for profit company that promotes inclusion in all settings. We believe in giving back and a portion of our earnings are given to non profits that help the disabled community. To help support our mission click below. Thank you.